Do you have a hard time being intimate with people?

I am very good at being open and honest. According to those who know me well, I give too much information too often.

But I struggle with letting people really get to know me. Even my husband, though he knows me better then anyone. And he also struggles with letting me “see” all of him. He still won’t sing in front of me. This morning he was exercising and I stood there and was watching him for a minute, all of a sudden he stopped and yelled, “WHAT?” LOL. He then said he didn’t like me watching him exercise. Ooops! I didn’t mean to make him feel uncomfortable. I just love him and enjoy watching him in general.
I have a hard time crying in public…. even if I am incredibly torn up inside, I will hold it in to just one or two tears. I cannot let it all go in front of anyone.

It’s just interesting….


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