It’s been one of those crazy weeks….

Let’s see….
We celebrated Christmas! Joy of all joys! We were so excited to share christmas gifts and stuff with the kids that we allowed them to open their presents on christmas eve morning instead. Christmas day we cooked and played with all our new toys.
Christmas day Becca burned her hand on the front of our oven. I had mentioned since we moved in that I thought it was too hot on the outside while cooking, but we had decided that it was probably all in my mind. Until…. Becca came in the kitchen while I was baking something, and cooking dinner on the stove. She came up beside me and put her hand on the front of the oven, and began to scream like crazy. I grabbed her and held her, cooled her hand down, and then tried to comfort her. Finally an hour later she settled down. Her hand wasn’t too bad, though she did have blisters.
Let’s see, so then we emptied our savings and ordered a new oven and also ordered a new fridge cause neither works right cause they are so ancient. Plus, it would be a good investment for selling the house.
*Sigh* then today, I got up to get ready to go to the museum and the house was cold. The furnace was broken, and now we wait on it getting fixed in a super cold house. The stress of trying to manage finances though is crazy. Luckily we found someone who would come and work for a really cheap rate. 🙂

I have been working hard on getting myself together and yet it is always the same. I try really hard though. 🙂 What can I say? I am a clutter magnet and have very little time for the most important things. ugh.


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