My word for the year, thanks to the wonderful Alece. Alece challenges me to be a better “everything” regularly on her blog. I am thankful that I discovered her blog a couple years ago.

Trust. I haven’t been very good at trusting anyone. I haven’t trusted my husband, which is ridiculous honestly. HE has never given me a reason not to trust him. I haven’t done well trusting God, that He loves me and wants to take care of me. I just don’t trust anyone for that matter.
So, this year, my goal is to trust. Not just people, but my God. I am determined to whole heartedly trust Him with every area of my life, even if it takes all year. and it just might. I am focusing on an area at a time and just praying and trusting Him with it. Small steps is better then no steps at all.
This is HUGE for me, and God and I know it. I feel His gentle reassurance, His peace, and His guidance. I know He is with me on this journey this year and that I will end up in a better place then I am in today. (I am referring to a figurative place, not a literal)

Speaking of which, I am sorry that many times the few that read my blog have only come to find my complainings. I am working on that. There is so much more to me then just complaining. And so I am challenging myself to be more able to sit and write about more then my feelings of being overwhelmed. 🙂


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