Believing God

So, last monday I started a new bible study at my church. It is the Beth Moore study called “Believing God”. At first, when they said they were doing it, I really wasn’t all that into the idea of it. Then, I sat in the first meeting and honestly felt like it was God leading me right into what I said my word of the year was. Who knew when I chose my word that it would be right on for exactly what He wanted for me this year? I mean, I did know, but the confirmation of something you feel God is speaking to your heart can be so reassuring and can make you feel like, “Yes, God cares about me”. Ya know?

So, this is just me going on an even deeper journey then I have already. Two weeks into the year. He definitely has a hold of my hand.

My word of the year is TRUST.


2 thoughts on “Believing God

  1. trust. that is no small thing to focus on — wow, girl! i’ve heard so many wonderful things about that “believing God” study. i know you are going to get so much out of it. and it will certainly stretch you in the area of trust… but that’s exactly how we develop it.

  2. I know, I know. Alece, I am so excited about it! I just completed like week 3, and I can tell you that I am more and more excited about it. Tonight, we had such a good discussion in our small group of women (we all sit with about 8 women). I feel like I am re-falling in love with my Jesus and His word. He is so incredible! I felt this so deeply tonight, I could of sat and wept during the video, but didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself. So I just wept in my heart. I love Him, Alece, I just love Him so!
    I can’t believe how much I am feeling like that right now. I haven’t felt that way in years LITERALLY!

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