Being Authentic in Ministry

I have truly been deep soul searching and debating the topic of leadership and ministry in the church. Particularly Five Fold ministers and elders.

Some hold this belief that we are to submit ourselves to the Five fold minister in our church, and allow them to basically run our lives. Others think we should submit to no one. I think I finally have come to the conclusion that it should be somewhere in the middle.

I am not currently submitted to any church or leadership. I attend a church here, but loosely. We have been hurt so bad by leadership and we are just trying to get our heads and hearts on straight. Free and clear of this hurt and to completely forgive… oh and figure out where we stand on the issue of church leadership and their roles in our lives.

What I truly long for is ministers who are truly authentic. Ones who say what they mean, and do what is right.

I am tired of those who say you are their “family” but abandon you when it is contrary to their interests. Meaning they put “their” ministry before those they say are their family, all in the name of money and advancement.

I am tired of leaders who only value you when you are doing something to advance “their” ministry and then you are suddenly not valuable when your work or family keep you from doing “their” ministry vision.

It’s time to be real and to get rid of selfish ambitions and pride.

Either this is about Jesus or it’s about us…. I vote for all about Jesus.

How about you?


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