Still kicking….

I can’t believe how much time passes in between posts. It isn’t intentional. I just get so caught up in life, I end up not having much to say here.

I haven’t lost anymore weight lately, but I have maintained, which in itself is awesome! šŸ™‚ It’s so much better then gaining. lol.

Life is crazy hectic and the weather has been just beautiful. We are doing all our last minute things to prepare for my Dh leaving for OTS. I am going to miss him incredibly and will have to keep myself busy while he is gone so I don’t go insane. šŸ™‚

God is so good to me. More healing, more emotions and feelings being brought to the surface. I am thankful for that, but sometimes they just sit there and I do not know what to do with them. I need to press into Him and get the answers. I haven’t yet. Is it me avoiding? Probably. I know that in Him is all the answers…. and I really do want the answers.

That’s it for now. Will try to write more often.


One thought on “Still kicking….

  1. …when those thoughts and feelings seem to just keep coming up… just keep giving yourself permission to feel. God will sort through what feels like a jumbled mess… in His timing. Feeling is the best place to start… you’re answers are coming!

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