I should be going to bed, it’s after 1 and we are getting up early and going to the Butterfly gardens in the am. I just had to write this blog to just get my heart out.

Tonight I am feeling a little blue. I was at the mall, shopping and going to the movies with the family. We had fun together. But there was this moment, I was in Kohl’s checking stuff out. They had this jewelry display with inspirational jewelry. I love stuff like that. There were these cool rings that were friendship rings. One said “sisters”. Another was two pieces and said something that connected the two. I felt this sadness come over me because I am at a place in life where I do not have any heart friends. I have people I love, and would be very close to if we lived closer. But we don’t, so my attachment is not the same.

All my friends here so lacking in anything of depth or substance. I care for them, and they care for me, but I couldn’t get them a sisters ring. That would be so strange. I long for a friend who really gets me and who feels the same way about me. Someone I can stay up with half the night, laughing and talking and crying and praying and all the things good friends do.

I keep praying for this kind of friend… I really hope it happens sooner then later… please, God…


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