things to change

I was watching the show “Ruby” the other night and it was talking about how she really wanted to get under 300 pounds in her weightloss journey. Her therapist told her she needed to change up 5 things in her diet and exercise routine to help her reach her goal.
So I took this to heart, and have decided to look at my life and see what I could change in order to lose more weight more quickly.
One of the things I am going to change is that I am going to start walking to pick up my son from school instead of driving. It means I will have to leave earlier, but it will be good for me and the girls to get some sunshine and me some extra exercising. I won’t replace my workouts with this, but it will be in addition to.
My weightloss is now at 15 pounds. Of course this is taking forever. I have not been particularly good lately, but I am really trying to reign in my desires and cravings and turn to the one who my desire needs to be towards. I know He knows my struggles, and He has compassion and love for me. Even in my failures. And He celebrates each victory with me. Today He and I are celebrating a small victory.

Off to go do my work out. 🙂


One thought on “things to change

  1. I’m proud of your decision for consistency… which will pay off over time. Not letting yourself get stuck in the small lapses is a huge accomplishment. It’s the courage to keep getting back on the horse and continue on that will get you to your goal… YOU CAN DO IT!!

    (and I’m so right there with you!)

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