“You can do it”

Important people in my life have been saying this to me lately, and I have come to hate these words.

“You can do it” or “I know you can do it. You are so strong.”

Meant as words of encouragement? Maybe. Truly though, since they didn’t come with, “How can I help you while Dustin is gone?” has been interpreted by me as a means to dismiss me or to clear their own conscience. There has been no acknowledgment that this will be hard on me and that they are there for me. Nope, just, “You can do it.”

I have heard over and over again, that we are not islands to ourselves. God designed us to be a part of something bigger. We need to reach out and ask others for help. So, the people I should be asking for help, have already dismissed me. What good would it be to ask them for help? These are the ones I *SHOULD* be asking for help.

I am thankful for those who have offered to help. Thank God for my neighbors. If it weren’t for them, I would be even more alone. I am thankful for Jesus for He has made many promises, like that He would never leave me nor forsake me. Through Him I can do all things. And so many more. He will be what carries me through, not on my own strength. My own strength wouldn’t get me very far.


3 thoughts on ““You can do it”

  1. Anna, I’m sorry that you are hurting. If I lived closer I would help you out with some of the day to day stuff. If you need someone to talk to on the long evenings, let me know. I have Skype – we could set up a chat through that 🙂

  2. I don’t have skype… I don’t have a camera for my computer.

    Thanks for your sweet heart that offers to help. That’s what I am trying to point out, the ones who should be offering to help me because they are “family” aren’t. It’s really sad to me.

    I know I will be okay, and that’s not really the point, it’s what I perceive is meant by the words being said to me. And maybe I am wrong, I don’t know.

  3. I don’t you need a camera for skype, I have used it just to chat like msn messenger or facebook to chat. Its hard to tell sometimes, if it’s us or them. Whether you are wrong or right – your feelings are real. Just continue to take to God 🙂

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