Questionaire about marriage….

* How did you meet your husband?
At Church. We attended the same church. At first, I hardly noticed him, he looked a lot younger then me. Then I started to date his best friend, and found I liked my now husband a lot more then his best friend. LOL.
* What did you first notice about him?
Well, when we were getting to know each other, his personality. He is fun, fiercely protective, and loyal.
* How long have you been married?
13.5 years now
* Share something you discovered about him after you were married that surprised you?
Well, he has a temper. Maybe I shouldn’t admit such a thing, but it is true and it was something I didn’t really know until after we had been married a few months. We only dated and were engaged for about 4 months before we married, though we had been friends longer. I guess I gave him reason to be more angry. lol
* What do you argue about the most?
I can’t think of one thing. Probably just simple misunderstandings. One of us, both of us, say things that are taken out of context or misunderstood. We rarely ever stay mad for very long.
* What quality in him do you admire most?
He is very ambitious and is very intelligent, and because of those things he has worked really hard to change our circumstances by getting a college degree. I am proud of him for that.
* What is the hardest part about being married?
Being kind to one another all the time. I mean, this is our goal, but we fall short all the time.
* What’s the best part about being married?
Spending my life with my best friend. He truly is my best friend and I enjoy him so much.
* What has changed the most about you since you’ve been married?
Besides the 50 pounds I added??? LOL. Let’s see, I think I am a lot more patient then I was before.
* What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other wives about creating a happy marriage?
Learn to love your husband for who he is, not who you wish he was. I think most newly married women expect that they can change their husband’s flaws by “whipping” him into shape. I have learned that the key to a happy marriage is accepting him as he is, cause he won’t change because I want him to. That doesn’t mean accept him abusing you or cheating on you. I am talking about things like he left his underwear on the floor.
* What’s the one peice of advice you’d give to your children about creating a happy marriage?
Find someone you love and who loves and respects you. Friendship is key also.

I got this from Tricia Goyer’s blog.


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