Great Literacy Center Ideas

I found a crew of websites today written by teachers who gave their great ideas for literacy centers. I am just going to mention a few of them and put links to their websites.

One teacher suggested using plumbing pipe elbows for the children to put up to the ear and mouth while reading (like a phone), this allows the child to hear themselves and they do not have speak as loud, and it reduces noise in the classroom. Here is this great teachers site with other great ideas as well…

Great ideas for reading areas.
One teacher made a beehive, and filled the hive with pillows for a prime comfy reading environment. Awesome! (Oh wait, that was the same great teacher I mentioned before, hehehe)
Another teacher, had her reading area stocked with pillows blankets and LAUNDRY BASKETS for the kids to sit inside of. She put hers near the window, which she said the sunlight seems to encourage reading. Here is her site….

I am having a lot of fun deciding what stuff I really want to use around here. This weekend is for building literacy boxes, and designing a new calendar area. I can’t wait to get it all done!


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