Busy with appointments and planning

Lately, we have had a zillion appointments, and have a billion coming up. Mostly, they are doctors, orthodontist, and dentist appointments. Sometimes I wonder if everyone’s family experiences times where it seems everyone needs to go to the doctor for something. Abigail is regularly being seen by a dermatologist for vitiligo (a condition where part of your skin loses pigmentation), and she also goes to a opthmologist for her ongoing eye issues with an alternating intermittent exotropia. Grace is now being seen by a psychologist, and an audiologist. Elijah and Audrey have to go to the orthodontist regularly. I have to go to a dermatologist to have some moles and a cyst on my chest area removed. I am really wishing that a time will come when things will slow down.

I made a bunch of file folder games for the kids, and they really enjoy them. Still working my butt off with Grace with her memorization of math facts. It’s exhausting and she is stuck and not getting anymore. 😦 We try to do timed drills and she gets 5-7 out of 25. I try to make it relaxed, and I even tried to read the questions to her and write for her. None of it made her faster. I am currently reading a book on learning your childs learning style, and one on games to help with focus and attention. I am hoping to figure her out soon. I am working so hard to be all she needs. I am praying God helps me, and helps her to learn what she needs to learn. I pray He builds her confidence and her self esteem. This can be challenging for her and I.

I am doing a Bible study now and I am so excited about it. I am doing Stepping Up by Beth Moore. I must tell you that I love Beth Moore so much, that I cannot help crying EVERY time I see her speak, even if it is just on a video that I bought from her website. The anointing on her life is so familiar to me, and she speaks from her heart. I love that about her and I love the way that she loves Jesus. That is my desire to love Jesus that much!


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