and school continues…..

Our homeschool continues to morph, and I think we are finally starting to become what I want it to be. I am also gaining confidence in my choices and in watching my kids learn and discover. I have lots of big plans for the next year, just need to begin to actually put the plan into place.

We plan to homeschool year round, but taking breaks every so often. We had a 10 day break in the beginning of April. I am sure we will have another break in July, and what I want to do is take our calendar and plan out my weeks. I just haven’t had the time to put pen to calendar yet!

I just purchased more curriculum for Abigail and we will really begin kindergarten shortly. I am excited to see her learn and grow more. 🙂 We are currently learning our letters and sounds. I think she knows most of them and we practice sounding out words. She is not ready for sight words quite yet, but almost. 🙂 She is doing great with counting also.

We received a final diagnosis on Grace concerning ADHD and a central Auditory processing disorder. She has both, and will begin a medicine again for her ADHD, but this time she will be home and I can do a better job of monitor the difference between the med and no med. When she went to school, the teacher she had recently had a hard telling me if she was doing better or not.

I bought the geography curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler and am waiting on getting all my books and supplies for it, but I am so excited to get started traveling around the world with my kids! She also has a new Roadtrip in the USA one and I have to get it also! 🙂

Life is good, just busy, as usual…. We got a new to us 2010 Dodge Caravan and I love the new car smell and just having a new vehicle. 🙂 We were smart this time and bought the 3 year additional warranty so that we only have to pay 100 dollars if something goes wrong with it, we didn’t do that in the past and had to pay a lot when something went wrong. It was worth it to us.

I am beginning to get to know people here at Wright Patterson AFB. And that is really good for me. Tonight we are going to the Good Friday service at our church and it should be good for all.

Elijah just had his upper quad and lower schwartz put in his mouth. Audrey already has these, and Grace had hers taken out over a year ago. Orthodontics is so expensive. When all is said and done, we will have paid thousands and thousands to give our kids the best chance at having a good smile, and teeth that last a lifetime. I guess it’s worth it….

That’s it for now… 🙂


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