Raising my children to be “christians”

I am a Christian. I was not raised Christian. I admit, I have no idea what it means to be raised a “Christian”. I accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior when I was 12, and faced a world of obstacles to simply BE a Christian. My dad was a hippie, and my mom was raised catholic, but did not accept any faith. She simply says something now to the effect of she believes in “the sun, moon, and stars”, we really do not discuss much religion as she knows what I believe for the most part, but I do not really need to know what all she believes in. When I was a teenager, being a Christian in a home that bucked the system didn’t work to keep me a Christian. I was constantly in an inward struggle. Finally, at 21, I surrendered big time to God, no turning back. I can’t go back, He is MY LIFE. Seriously, Jesus saved me, and I want no other life, but I fail at it daily. This is why He gave us His Grace, to give us the strength to pick up, and keep going.
God gives me an incredible husband, whom He saved just for me. We both are Christians, and this is awesome. We both, were not really raised by incredibly godly Christian parents. We decide to have children, and what we did not plan or figure out before children is how to raise them to be Christians. I guess we thought if we lived life as Christians, it would just happen. I don’t know. It didn’t happen that way so far, and I see these huge gaps in their understanding. Basically, I see constantly, how I failed yet again.
So, I must figure this thing out. I purchased a ton of books, and have scoured multiple resources to find the “5 steps to godly children”. I didn’t really find that exactly, but I found some helpful advice. Putting the advice into practice has not been my strong suit. This is why it’s so important to rely on His forgiveness first, and then His grace. Grace- God’s ability to give me what I don’t deserve. He sees me as I am, and yet He loves me, and He cheers me on… He picks me up, dusts me off, and watches me try and try again. I am thankful for a loving Daddy God, who loves me, my husband, and my children more then I ever could….

Thank you


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