A Book Review—- Notes to Aspiring Writers by Brooke McGlothlin……

I always wanted to be a writer. As a teenager I would spend countless hours sitting in my room, writing poetry and would dream up stories that I could turn into books. I would go babysitting and would spend hours writing in my journals (after caring for the kids, cleaning the house, and putting the kids to bed). I wanted to go to college and get a degree in journalism, or better yet, I thought, history and English. I could teach by day and write by night or something.

Life didn’t really work out as I thought it would. I also had aspirations to be a wife and mother, and here I am. I do not have any regrets about not going to college anymore. I refuse to allow it to creep into my heart. THIS, being a wife and mother, is my FIRST priority. I am okay with that, why, because I know that this season is short lived. They are here only a matter of a few years as compared to life. I will have plenty of time to pursue other things later. Instead, I fully support and push my husband on in his pursuits, as long as it doesn’t take him away from his family. I still want him to put us as number 1, or I guess number two under God. 🙂

I recently read a book, Notes to Aspiring Writers by Brooke McGlothlin, and it spoke to the deepest part of me. That part of me which dreamed of being a writer, that I have laid down to raise my children and love my husband. It confirmed the things that God was already talking to my heart about, to put my family first during this time, and let Him work His plan out in my life.

Are you struggling with your role as mother and wife, and laying down your passions for this time? Then this is a great book for you. I encourage anyone with passions (not just writing) to read this book. It will speak to you. It’s short, to the point, and greatly written.

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2 thoughts on “A Book Review—- Notes to Aspiring Writers by Brooke McGlothlin……

  1. I am certainly going to be reading this book! Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently, finally, found peace with NOT pursing college this fall like I was planning to do. Kids are finally all in school, and I’m only working 2 days a week, and I’m actually going to invest the quiet time into drawing/painting/writing!! That’s this years plan, and I’ll simply do it until I feel a leading to do otherwise. I think I was more caught up in “this is what I SHOULD do” …go to college, have a great career, but I simply couldn’t find peace with it. It’s always so peaceful to walk in HIS plan instead! 🙂

    • I am finding contentment. It’s been hard though, I have struggled with resentment for a long time because Dustin could do whatever, and it felt like I was trapped. Now that I am figuring out I am not “trapped”, there is freedom there. That sounds so strange. I was created for a purpose, and I am accepting that purpose a little at a time. It’s good. I have more peace now then ever, though, I am working on some other areas like financial. God is digging up the yuck in my life to create something beautiful. 🙂

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