Today was our first day of School….

So, I was so nervous about today. I knew today was to be our first day of school, but the kids have been crazy lately, and I just wasn’t sure how they would do. I have researched and researched, and prepared, and was ready I hoped for the first day. We added new things this year, like more calendar time work. I have assigned a day a week to each kid, allowing them to help me with calendar time, reading the bible for the day, helping me cook and prepare meals, stuff like that overwhelms me if more then one do it with me. I also added music, and movement to our day. I have at least two children who have adhd, the rest we will see about, and so they cannot sit all day. At random moments, I had them get up and start walking around. They looked at me strange, but they did it. We danced to get our wiggles out. We sang songs to memorize things like the planets, and hopefully multiplication. I was able to implement skip counting practice, and we are so excited about Expedition Earth geography from Confessions of a Homeschooler. The kids even said they had so much fun! 🙂 I am hoping a repeat of a great day tomorrow. We even managed to get all our work done by 2:30, even with Becca’s speech teachers coming for an hour. So I guess my nervousness was all for naught. Good thing, cause I was starting to question all my decisions. I know why I am homeschooling, and it drives me, but only so far. I can’t wait to get to another school day tomorrow.


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