It’s been a long week…………..

Let’s just say, this week has been particularly hormonal and emotional.

I love homeschooling. I love what it represents, to me that’s family togetherness, growing in God and learning together. I love knowing who and what will influence my children day in and day out. I love knowing I can buy a new curriculum if this one doesn’t work for us. There are things that are hard about homeschooling, it seems it can be a huge money drain. lol. And sometimes everyone else in my house is negative about homeschooling, and everyone has a reason to complain. Sometimes, it feels like I am carrying a 3 ton load behind me as I slowly drag it uphill. I get tired. I get discouraged. I need breaks. I get more empty then I ever thought possible…. simply drained….

This week is one of those weeks. I am drained. I am facing this huge obstacle with my daughter who is 9. Every day I have to explain to her how to do her math problems, the same kind…. EVERY DAY. As I said, it’s the same problems she did yesterday, how in the world does she forget how to do it overnight? Then there’s the issue of her memorizing any math facts. IT’s like her brain just shuts off. So, I have been pouring over ideas and curriculum. I know I need to change our curriculum. It requires more money though, of course. So, I have been trying to shop and see and ask other people their thoughts. I am not going to jump into any curriculum, I already did that once. I don’t want to do that again.

I just feel like I am facing so many obstacles. I cannot even speak of them all. Very personal obstacles. And the doubt crept in, maybe I am not really cut out for this after all. Maybe I should quit. Selfishly, that sounds like a good idea. Yes, I said selfishly…. Because homeschooling has been what I have been pouring my whole heart and soul into for months. This is not a half hearted adventure… I have been in this with my whole being. If I sent the kids to school…. I would have hours and hours a day of near quiet. (still have the 2 year old) I could get chores done, no one would be messing up the house really for most of the day. Laundry would be caught up. I could blog more. I could play games, watch tv, eat bon bons.

But… alas… the idea of sending them back to public school turns my stomach. It’s just not right for me or our family. Homeschooling is so much more to me then teaching my kids math…. it’s discovering life together, learning, loving, finding God, learning His word…. and the list goes on and on….. I just wish everyone else could see what I see…..


5 thoughts on “It’s been a long week…………..

  1. Anna: Don’t give up. You are going through a normal phase. The problem with summer break is the kids forget what they learned. It is so normal! I can guarantee the public school teachers are experiencing the same frustration regarding forgotten facts. Just take it slow. The curriculum you have will work. Give it time. Instead of working a new lesson each day, make your own worksheets and have her do them daily until she has it down. Then move on. When my son was 9, he had difficulty with long division. I felt I was working with him too much. I was frustrated and mad. I could scream at him! I probably did. It took a long time, but he got it. There are things today he struggles with. I have him work his math until he gets it. If he falls behind with corrections. I take a day or two off from the next lessons so he can work the missed problems.

    The great thing about homeschooling is you can set your own pace. If your daughter is struggling in an area, work around it. Get flashcards, play a math game, make up a song of facts. There are a lot of options to teaching math facts. For some kids it just takes longer. She’ll catch up.

    It is easy to wish for days of sanity. But soon our kids will be gone and we will ask where the time went. You are doing awesome! Hang in there.

  2. Have you considered adding a tutor to her math curriculum? Or something like Sylvan Learning Center? Perhaps not subtracting home school, but simply adding a little extra help would be just what you both need? I’m proud of all of the time and work you are putting into doing what’s on your heart for your family! That’s what matters….following your heart 🙂

  3. I have, but they aren’t cheap. Not sure I have it right now to consistently pay someone for. I am not quiting…. just struggling cause I am so exhausted. And I am not getting any encouragement…. and I really need it. I need to hear sometimes that I am doing ok. And there’s no one to say that. The kids complain a lot, which I expected, they are kids, kids complain.

  4. Anna, I know this is an older post but I wanted to encourage you that yes, lots of kids struggle with math. Our 10 year old daughter couldn’t get her multiplication facts down last year. She probably quite behind. There are a couple of math games and one called Timez Attack is a lot of fun. She played that, we worked on it, I was mellow, and this year it all came together. She has figured out long multiplication and at age 10 and a half hasn’t even started long division. I’m mellow, really. I remember that junior high math was largely review so we have time. I’d rather just let her work on it at her pace than get her all frustrated. Sometimes it just takes a while to click. BTW, we are using MathUSee and it has worked well for us.

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