I love my Body Comfort Heat packs

About a year ago, I was walking through my local Sam’s Club, when as usual some sales person starts talking to me. They were selling these Heat packs by Body Comfort. Usually I pass on by stuff like this, but this time, I was listening. I really wanted some sort of heating pad, but hadn’t had the time to really shop for one. They were selling the whole gift set for around 60 dollars. They let me try one out, and I was sold.

They are so simple to use. You simply click the little metal coin inside the pack and the gel begins to crystallize and warm up. The heat lasts nearly an hour, on their website they guarantee you 30 minutes, but up to an hour. I have used mine several times, when I need it for back pain or menstrual pain. They are awesome! All you do to return it to a gel like state is boil them for about 10 minutes, the neck and shoulder one takes slightly longer then 10 minutes. Then let them cool before use again. If I had it to do all over again, I would buy these heat packs.

And apparently I got a really good deal on my gift set, cause on the website it says they are $164.95. So, if you see these at your Sam’s, which I saw them recently, make sure you pick some up. 🙂



4 thoughts on “I love my Body Comfort Heat packs

  1. My story is very similar…. Homeschool family of four…. Walking through mall …. Got my body set for 80.00…. Loves them! But then the two large packs stop staying in gel state and will activate all by themselves, so bummed:( I live rural Alaska and the retail salesman is no longer at mall so I called company…. Come to find out they only honor the products they sell on line and not through their so called partners… Really dislike company’s that don’t back their product!! What a scam this company is!

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