Where were you? 9/11

I remember that day too well. My darling husband was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at that time, and we were stationed at Travis AFB, California. The time difference between the east coast and west coast is 3 hours, so I was still sleeping. Dustin had already woke up, and was headed to the base hospital for a physical exam. He saw stuff on yahoo about a plane hitting the world trade center, and had just turned on the tv and was trying to figure out what was going on, when the phone rang. It was my best friend, she told us to turn on the news, america was under attack. I got out of bed to see who was calling, and Dustin told me what was going on and I headed down to the living room to watch the news. He left to go have his doctor appointment. Once he was in the hospital, the hospital went into lock down mode. I sat at home, 6 months pregnant with our first child, horrified as I watched the pentagon be hit by the third plane. All of it was horrific, and I just sat sobbing, people jumping to their deaths from the world trade center buildings, then the buildings falling. The news about Flight 93. All of it was unimaginable.

Yet, just a few months before, Dustin and I had went to see Pearl Harbor the movie in the theater. We both left the theater commenting on how this same thing could happen to America again. We felt Americans thought our land was so safe, that no one could touch us. All the while we felt so safe, the unimaginable was happening. Terrorists were living among us, taking advantage of the freedoms they despise, and using that freedom against us. They used our flying schools to be trained to fly the planes. Several went to college here. They lived here among us on visas which kept them guarded from questions and suspicions. The enemy walked among us.

9/11 changed my world view. It is so deeply rooted in my heart, and I grieve still with and for those who lost loved ones and lost their lives. I cannot forget the great sacrifice of that day. I also cannot forget the heroic stories of that day, there are so many. They estimate over 13,000 people were able to escape the towers, but the total lost for the day was 2,996, and that includes the hijackers.

Let us keep this in our hearts, and teach our children about it. Let’s be watchful and aware of those who live among us. We need to never allow such a thing to happen on our precious american soil again. 😦


2 thoughts on “Where were you? 9/11

  1. We lived in San Diego at the time. I watched news every morning, and was surprised to find the attacks on the television when I turned it on. Our oldest was 2 and our son a baby. It was horrible to watch. I could remember continuously saying , “oh gosh!” The rest was a blur. I just know it involved a lot of news, prayer, and tears.

  2. My oldest was 2, I was pregnant with my second child. I had taken my oldest to Borders for Storytime. We got there and were waiting and waiting and the woman came over to ask if we really wanted her to read a story. I was like, “Duh, that is why we are here.” And she looked at me and said, “you don’t know”. A had been watching Clifford before we left the house and we listened to her music on CD in the car. Just then someone ran into the store and screamed that another plane came down in Somerset County…we live just a few miles from there and I was supposed to go there to meet my mom for lunch. We thought we were under attack. I was terrified. I could not get a cell phone or pay phone connection, but decided to go meet my mom…I had no idea if I would make it there or not. Terrifiying.

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