Grown Up Friendships

What does a grown up friendship look like? This is the question I ask myself all the time. I have found myself comparing my adult friendships through the looking glass of my teen years. I had such close friends at that time. My girlfriends and I spent a lot of time together and after high school we went in all different directions, and while we keep in touch, the friends and I lead very different lives and I do not look at them the same at all. Then there are the friends I have gained since adulthood. They seem so shallow. There have been a few treasured friends over the years that have stayed in my heart, but most still did not remain. Life has again drug us all in separate directions. I wonder if having a close circle of friends is also an illusion that Hollywood has conjured up. Can I have close friends as an adult? And more importantly, will I find the family I so long for? That is what I desire to find in a group of friends, family type closeness. I love my family, but I am not close to my sisters or my brother. There is a huge void in my heart. I long for that closeness of knowing someone well and them knowing me also. Intimacy. Don’t get me wrong, I am very close to my children and to my husband. I just long to have a community. There is not as much of an ache as their used to be. I think I have become better grounded in my relationship with God and in the family Dustin and I have created. I am learning who I am, and who God is. Thank You, God, for seeing my heart and for working all things together for my good.



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