ABC’s of Thanksgiving…..

A- Audrey, my 2nd born and 2nd daughter, she has a way of sweetness, she tries so hard to make all things better for me, and also for Abigail, my 4th child, who has so much personality, she gives me the giggles.
B- is for Baking for my family….. I am thankful I am learning how to become a better baker
C- is for my sweet cats, they have brought such joy to me and my children
D- is for the sweet love of my life, Dustin, who amazes me with the depth of love and care he can give as we have been married this 14 years. (3 more months and we hit 15 years)
E- is for Elijah, such a complex little man my son is, he can be like a hurricane one minute, and such a sweetheart the next…. I love him
F- is for French Vanilla creamer in my coffee….. yes, I am one of the millions who are addicted
G- is for Grace, my firstborn, she was the answer to the longing of my heart and my prayers for years…. so thankful for the gift she still is to me today.
H- is for Home…. I love being home with my kids and homeschooling them……
I- I am thankful for myself…. that may sound weird, but God gave me the gift of me and I belong to Him….
J- Jesus…. He is my all in all
K- is for the Kick in the butt I have given myself recently….. though I really think God was behind that kick…. lol
L- is for the LOVE of my husband and family
M- is for my Mom and how blessed I am to have her
N- Never giving up
O- the only thing I can thank of is an octopus, too much phonics work in my brain… and I can tell you while Octopuses are amazing, I am not really all that thankful for them. lol
P- peace…. God’s peace
Q- Quiet…. yes these last two go together…. I love them
R- Rebecca, my darling last child…. she has a unique personality, she is fun loving, but stubborn as all get out….
S- Staying the course, even when I want to give up
T- Thanksgiving, having an attitude of gratitude all year long
U- unlimited amounts of God’s grace….
V- thankful for personal VICTORIES God has given me
W- Weekends
X- X-tra love to go around
Y- A new year coming up
Z- the Zoo my house is most days….

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🙂


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