When your child is NOT a genius……

Dear friends,

As a parent, we all want to believe that our children are all geniuses. Even from a very young age, we are constantly trying to figure out if they are or not, based on what age they rolled over, crawled, stood up to furniture, said their first words. People brag about their kids, and compare theirs to your own, or you compare your kids to others. There is this war that mothers wage with one another about how smart our own kids are. What happens when your children are not the geniuses you wanted them to be? What happens when you hear the worst word ever to describe your child? “Your child will need “special” education.”
No one wants to hear that, and thus begins a spiral of questions, and possibly a daunting future with/for this child.
Unfortunately, this has happened to me, not with just one child, but several. They have defied some of the things that were told to me. They have also grown, and learned in exactly the way they said they would in some areas. We are challenged, but we are not defeated. We are frustrated, and yet we do not give up. Can we turn them into geniuses? Probably not. That doesn’t mean they have to be limited, it doesn’t mean they don’t have potential for great things. It just means that getting to that point will be harder for them, and we are there to hold their hands and love them through it.


One thought on “When your child is NOT a genius……

  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Children are such blessings. Each of those blessings is created differently. Yet, each one made in His infinite wisdom to be exactly who God intended them to be. Who says they are slow? Who says they aren’t geniuses? In God’s eyes, they are perfect. Homeschooling is the perfect setting for children to learn. They learn at their own pace. If they speed up and learn faster, then so be it. If they slow down as they struggle through something, then it’s okay. As long as they learn, and are constantly being taught things to enrich their minds, then they are okay! Yeah!

    Isn’t it interesting that children were never labeled until the public school system started? They were taught at home! No one ever said, you kid is slow because they wouldn’t know. Keep plugging away and doing the wonderful job you are doing through the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

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