Where to begin?

So…. this year has brought about so many changes to my life. Some are good changes, like homeschooling and all that entails. Better relationships with my children, and my husband, most days. 🙂 One thing I just didn’t see coming is that I made some really great friendships with some incredible ladies, and two of those friendships imploded in the last four months. Two different situations, both I feel I had absolutely no control over. I am left feeling incredibly dumbfounded and reeling. And yet, in both situations I saw it coming, it was like God showed me it was coming. I had no idea how to get out of the situations, but I felt like the friendships were ending and I just patiently waited for the impending doom. 😦
God has His hands in this…. How can I say such a thing? Cause I just know… and I trust my Father and His plan for my life. Oh for a second, I had a pity party… but then He reminded me…. I have had my face in the word, and in prayer, and this is a storm that has come to beat against my house….What is it built upon? Will it stand?

I was watching Beth Moore on Life Today earlier, and she was talking about when the storm comes, that the boat will be broke into pieces, but you will be ok. And it reminded me of a word that was given to me years and years ago by Dr. Barclay. I am so pulling out that word and going to listen to it, and I am going to study the scriptures she was referring to. I know there is something there for me.
There are other situations in my life and I know that this is a perfect storm in my life….

So, as a result, I have pulled myself off from facebook. I need a time of consecrating myself to God and to seek Him and find the next step and the answers only He has. This is something I believe God has been speaking to my heart but I was too chicken to do it. There were too many positives to having a facebook, I didn’t want to lose the precious friends and family I have. If they truly love me, they will pursue me. That’s all there is to that.

Pray that for me and His strength to strengthen me to my core….. This is one of those times that could truly make or break me.


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  1. Ah yes, Facebook. The Christian’s demise. I ditched Facebook a while back. I have only signed on again lately in order to view pictures of my best friends birth pictures. She is due in a few weeks and her hubby is in Afganistan. This is the only way for her to share pictures with him. Sad, but I didn’t want to miss anything. My account has been downsized from 151 friends to my brothers, brother-in-law, parents, in-laws, and best friend.

    I am glad to hear you are doing well and growing in the relationships that matter.

    • Rachel,

      I meant to comment on your comment, I am sorry I didn’t. Facebook is definitely a crazy place. For now, I am just taking a break. And let me tell you, we are going on like 4 days without it and I don’t miss it. 🙂


  2. Anna, your family is beautiful! I have to be cautious about FB though am on it some. I don’t have a lot of “friends” and your post is a good reminder not to be on it too much.

    I’d love to talk about special needs sometime with you. None of my kids are definitely special needs but then again, maybe they are. Our boys both have handwriting glitches and our almost 9 year old really can hardly write at all. I’m doing stuff to work around it for now and we’re doing some exercises that are supposed to help. It is definitely stressful but I know God has our sweet children home with me, that is His plan for us, so He will give us the wisdom and strength to teach them well.

    • Laraba,

      I really want to talk about the special needs thing too. I saw you mentioned Dianne Craft once and so I know you can help me. Elijah has a really hard time writing also. I think it really overwhelms him and he isn’t neat at all. I can’t wait to talk more.

      Thank you for your sweet comments!

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