Sometimes at odd times of the day, I quiz my children on things they have been learning like bible stories, their times tables, etc. I just want to see how much they are learning, whether or not they are understanding what we are learning, and what they remember. It’s interesting to see their answers. I can gauge how far we have come, where our weaknesses are, and things like that.

This year, we have really stuck to a schedule of reading their children’s bibles every day and we even memorize one scripture a week. I cannot believe how much they have learned in such a small amount of time. I have always exposed them to the bible, but not quite so concentrated. I was quizzing them the other day and they were doing so well answering the questions, I was honestly impressed. I feel so privileged to be able to teach my children myself and put into them the things I feel are so valuable and important to their lives. I am thankful that I can put God first in our studies and I can see my children grow spiritually. It’s so exciting! 🙂


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