Yesterday was Audrey’s birthday and today is Elijah’s birthday. We kind of celebrate birthdays together because we don’t want to make too much cake and ice cream. LOL. We just don’t need two whole cakes two days in a row. I think the kids understand. I try to explain it to them the best I can and I try to make them feel special. It’s really hard with their birthdays being so close together, and they are all just after Christmas and New Years.
Yesterday on Audrey’s birthday, it started snowing, something we haven’t had much of this year. I told the kids it was snowing and Audrey got all excited and said, “I prayed to Jesus that it would snow on my birthday!” Oh my heart was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that my daughter’s relationship with Jesus is becoming strong enough that she asks Him for things like snow on her birthday and she sees the answer to prayer. I know it’s something little, but it is such a remarkable change from even a year ago. It makes all the challenges worth it. πŸ™‚
Elijah has been going through some emotional stuff this week. He is a good boy, but he has this temper that I just do not know what to do with. I pray for him, try to teach him coping mechanisms, discipline, hug him, so many things. I just do not see the changes I want to see. He gets so worked up over the dumbest things. I pray some day I will see the end of this.
Yesterday we spend the day learning about how to read recipes and measuring out our ingredients for birthday cake and frosting. We watched Beakman’s world for science on Netflix. We read our bibles and Stuart Little, and watched the third Stuart Little book. We practiced our math facts. I needed a day off from our worksheets, but still wanted to do school. That was my solution.
I feel like this post is more of a documentation of my day then it is inspirational. It’s all I got today. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Birthdays…

  1. I totally understand about “getting worked up over the dumbest things”. My son has been out of meds for a month and we are going crazy here while we wait for them to ship here. My fault for allowing it to go so low. Anyway, have your daughter send us some snow. My kids are still waiting for our first snow of the winter.

    • I am sorry about the meds. I hate trying to keep up on that type of stuff. I always seem to forget. Sure, have some snow. We only got like an inch of snow or something. It’s fun anyway. I grew up in Michigan, and we tended to get a lot more snow then we get here in Ohio. πŸ™‚

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