I have truly been living out my word for this year, SEEK!

I have been seeking Him constantly. I am so much more peaceful when I am seeking His face regularly. Putting Him first place in my life, and allowing the other pieces to fall into place. I feel His guidance.

I have been hearing the word, “simplify”. I know God wants us to live a more simple lifestyle. To homeschool more simply. My house needs to be more simple. I need to purge, and I have done some, and some organizing. I need to dig deeper. This is going to take some time.

I have been exercising regularly for two weeks now. I have lost 4 pounds. That’s small in comparison to what I need to lose, but it’s still something and I need to rejoice in my small victory. I am working my butt off AND trying to make better food choices. In the end, I know it will pay off. I must have endurance to run this race. God gives much grace.

I am doing the Ephesians study from It’s a nice simple approach to bible study and I love that it is on Ephesians. One of my favorite books of the bible. πŸ™‚ We are only on day 4, I know it’s going to get better and better.

I think my brain is fizzling this morning since I have been up since before 4:30 when I heard my older girls whispering in their bedroom, not sleeping. I was supposed to get up at 5:30, so at 5 after fighting with them for a half hour, I decided that it would be pointless to go back to bed for a half hour. I admit, I am now tired. πŸ™‚ Maybe I will get more sleep later today. Maybe a nap? That is non-existent in this house.

I am off for the day!


4 thoughts on “Peaceful

  1. I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I have been sort of irritable lately because I have put on more weight. I know I need to exercise and watch what I eat, yet I don’t. I also have a desire to purge my stuff and lighten my homeschool load. We could be twins you know. I might just look into your Ephesians study. It sounds wonderful.

    Congrats on you weight loss. I know from experience that even 4 pounds can feel absolutely wonderful!

    • Rachel, did you find the Ephesians study? It’s going well for me.

      Putting on more weight is frustrating. My weight has been staying the same lately, in spite of me working out. Maybe it was the birthday cake I had and a few other bad choices I made. I will press on though.

  2. I think the very best way to lose weight is to make wise lifestyle choices and let the pounds come off at the right rate. Fad diets and crazy weight loss rates really are not “real life”. I think 4 pounds is GREAT! And of course, if you are exercisingk you are adding muscle and muscle actually weighs more so the weight loss itself may not reflect what is going on. Congrats on good choices! I’m doing quite well with eating wisely but am not doing well with exercising. I need to get up and get moving in the morning as that’s the only time that seems to work…

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