what you want to happen is different then what really is. And so you have to face and accept what is. I was going to say, that you have to accept what isn’t also, but that’s not really true, you have to stop looking at what isn’t. If you spend all your time looking at what isn’t, and what you want to be, you will lose yourself into despair. At least that is how I am.

So, I need to accept what is, and move on. Do what I have to do. No matter what. I can’t change what isn’t. I can’t make others be what I want them to be. I can only work on me and allow God to work on my heart and life. It’s a “Big girl panties” moment!

I don’t even have to like it. I still have to accept it.

So today is a day of overhaul, yet again, on my heart. I lost my focus. Time to re-position myself so I can get a good focus on Jesus. It’s amazing how easy and quickly we lose our focus. I know that the only answer is Jesus. So I must turn to Him. No matter how dark the night gets. No matter what storms come my way. He is all I need. Some things cannot be done without me holding tightly to His hand…. HE won’t fail me. He will strengthen me.

I just gotta say Yes, Lord to His will and to His plan…. Yes, Lord.


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