Confessions of a wife….

I have prayers and confessions that I try to do daily…. I at least do 4 out of 7 days a week… working towards 7 days out of 7 days… LOL

I want to share my most profound/life changing confessions. They are written by some ministers I knew in Michigan, but this one is particularly straight from the word, which makes them effective…

Prayers of a Wife…

Being confident that He who began a good work in me will continue until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6) I confess that:

I am a capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman, far more precious than jewels (Prov. 31:10)
I rise early and get spiritual food for my household (Prov. 31:15)
I seek first God’s kingdom and all good things are added unto me (Matt. 6:33)
I reverently and worshipfully fear the Lord. I give of the fruit of my hands and my words praise me. (Prov. 31:30, 31)
I am industrious (Prov. 31:13)
With my savings I plant fruitful vines (Prov. 31:16)
Strength and dignity are my clothing and my position is strong and secure. I rejoice over the future knowing that my family and I are in readiness for it. (Prov. 31:25)
I open my mouth with skillful and godly wisdom, and in my tongue is the law of kindness, giving counsel and instruction. (Prov. 31:26)
The bread of idleness (gossip, discontent and self pity) I do not eat (Prov. 31:27)
I am worthy of respect and serious, not a gossiper, but temperate and self-controlled, thoroughly trustworthy in all things (1 Timothy 6:11)
and the joy of the Lord is my strength (Neh. 8:10)
I am submissive and adapt myself to my own husband as a service to the Lord. He is the head of me as Christ is head of the church (Eph. 5:22-23)
I respect and reverance my husband. I notice, regard, honor, prefer, love and admire him exceedingly (Eph. 5:33)
The heart of my husband trusts in me confidently and relies on and believes in me safely (Prov. 31:12)
I walk in love with my husband, esteeming and delighting in him (Eph. 5:2)
My husband praises me above all women. (Prov. 31:29)
In Jesus Name.

This prayer is honestly powerful and will change YOUR outlook, and will work on your heart. God’s word is powerful that way!


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