Tuesday Thoughts

We changed some stuff in the school room. I added a book shelf to my already full walls of stuff. I think it will add more organization to my school room though and I am happy about that. It is very crowded in here. I simply have too much stuff. I am working on that. It’s time to part with stuff I do not use nor plan on using.

We started All About Spelling and I can see already why we needed to start at level 1 and I can see how this is going to change their spelling. I am excited about it!

I am endeavoring to pray for 1 hour a day this week for other people and their needs. I have noticed several of my friends experiencing spiritual attacks and I just felt impressed to pray for others before myself this week. I know it will change my heart too.

I just began week 6 of the Ephesians study by Good Morning Girls. So far so good. I wish I had more time for it. I feel like I am rushing through so many things in my life trying to fit every little bit in. God, give me the grace needed to get everything done.

Have a good week, everyone!


One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Keep on looking up. I think if you are trying as hard as you can, with all you can possibly do, then you are doing all you should be doing. God never intended for us to be so busy with life we don’t have time to rest or just be calm. Even the Lord took time for quiet.

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