It’s quite windy out there…..

It’s quite windy out there, meaning outside right now, and it is also quite windy in my heart. There’s a storm brewing, or maybe it has already arrived. I am always in constant change, and I know this about myself. It doesn’t allow for much consistency or much stability of emotions. I have done some counseling, but found it a waste because I always get the weird counselors and who has time to search for the right counselor. So, I trust God to be my counselor as weird as that might sound, it works for me right now. It does mean though that I haven’t quite learned the art of controlling my emotions, but I am constantly seeking His wisdom and just plain pursuing His heart for me and my family.

I never want to give the impression I have everything put together and that I live this perfect life. I think blogs and facebook, social media in general, allow you to present the picture you want to present to everyone. For awhile, I wasn’t taking that into account and all of my posts and status updates were me complaining. Suddenly, I realized that the only thing I was presenting was the negative, and I have had to work really hard to not do that anymore. I think a little complaining is okay, but I just was’t presenting who I really am. I am not JUST a bunch of complaining. Really, I’m not. I love my kids. I love my husband. I love my God. That’s it. That’s the main focus of my life.

What image are you presenting to the world around you? Are you accurately representing yourself?


4 thoughts on “It’s quite windy out there…..

  1. I think any person who’s truly seeking to live a Godly life will have a forecast of heavy winds. That’s just the way it is. It’s in those winds we decide who we will use as our shelter and strength when they are just about to blow us over. Keep on looking up…He’s great!

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