I have something serious on my mind…………

This content you are about to read has been brewing in me for years… it is an accumulation of many thoughts and feelings I have had on the topic, and based on the Word of God and many real life stories I have seen on tv.

Recently, Kirk Cameron came under fire for speaking out against homosexuality and gay marriage. While I am not sure I agree fully with his comments, I do agree with him on this level, God did not design us according to the Bible to be in same sex relationship. He calls that a form of sexual sin and says we should not leave the natural use of your spouse to be with the same sex. He also deals harshly with other sexual sins like adultery, and sex before marriage. Along with many other sins that are not sexual in nature.

I will not back down about God’s word. I will not change it to mean what I want or what someone else wants in order to approve of their lifestyle. It is what it is, and the bible is clear you cannot change it. God means what He says. I don’t see the Bible as simply a guide, but as THE WORD OF GOD. As if He actually spoke into being, I totally believe He did.

Now with that being said, that does not mean that holding those truths as my very conviction that I am first of all afraid of homosexuality. I am not AFRAID of homosexuals, and I resent being called a homophobe. I do not call them names, and I would appreciate it if I wasn’t called names either. I expect you to treat me the same way I treat you. I would never be unkind to people who are homosexuals. Nor would I be unkind to those who are having sex before marriage or are/have committed adultery. God is their judge, I am only a christian, and I am commanded to love one another and that is what I hold to be true and what I will do.

I have friends who are living in same sex relationships, and I try very hard to be respectful and to not speak any hate to them. I believe in the saying that I must treat others as I would have them treat me.

I sympathize with them feeling different. I felt different myself. I am empathetic towards the fact that others have called them names when they hadn’t even realized what made them different then everyone else. I too was called names and made fun of. I can relate to them wanting to be treated kindly.

While I do not know I believe they are “‘born that way” as they claim, I do not think I understand what happens in them that makes them desire to live the way they do. I think Christians don’t do a good job, or at least in anything I have read or heard to explain homosexuality and how they can live a life different. I know there are those who live for God, who used to be homosexuals, who now live completely free of it. I would love to ask them lots of questions. I would love to see them ministering to others.

Lastly, I want to say that it doesn’t do any good to go around boycotting homosexuals, or picketting places with signs that say, “Fags go to Hell” or whatever it is people put on their signs. I despise and loathe first of all, name calling. I despise and loathe hate speeches. Speaking your convictions is one thing, hate and name calling is a different thing. No matter what side does the name calling it only results in one thing, them looking stupid.

I ask, can we please rise above? Can we please extend the love and grace of God that He desires us to extend? It’s our job to love the sinner…. it’s God’s job to judge sin. It’s our job to tell others of how much God has done for them, it’s their job to receive His goodness, repent, and believe in Him. You cannot force others to live the way God wants us to, you can only love them through it. And if you can’t handle it, you can separate yourself from them.

This is my plea to those who feel the need to bully others and to name call…. and i pray that others will read this and see my heart behind it. I wouldn’t ordinarily speak on such a hot topic.

– Anna


4 thoughts on “I have something serious on my mind…………

  1. I agree. Perhaps if those living in this sin were approached in a loving way, where their souls were understood to be cherished, they would turn from that sin.

    What society says is acceptable is wrong in just about every instance; this is one of them.

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