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A recent photo of me

My friend Sam at Sam’s Noggin has decided to give me a challenge. I guess it couldn’t have come at a better time because while I love my blog, I haven’t been blogging like I want to, or even should be. So here it goes. So, she tagged me in a post where I have to share a pic of myself, 11 random facts, and answer 11 questions from her. So, here goes nothing……

I was born in Pontiac, Michigan. I grew up in Boyne City, Michigan. I share the name of the town I grew up in because it is an incredible summer vacation destination and I want to promote it’s name.

I had my first 3 kids in 3 years time. What an exhausting time in my life.

I am not clean and organized. I am a “piler”, I make various piles of this and that all over my house, and oh how I wish I could fix this about me.

I love sugar. Almost anything made with sugar. Especially things like ice cream, coffee creamer, and chocolate. Another thing I want to fix about me.

I am a Beachbody Coach. I am brand new to Beachbody, but I will help in anyway I can to help you find what you are looking for.

I love water. Lakes, Oceans, and rivers make me feel closer to God. When I was a teenager, I would go to my “thinking spot” to think and pray to God. My “thinking spot” was a rock set right beside the river behind my house.

I love to journal. I have been journaling since I was a teenager. While I do not sit to do it as often as I did as a teenager, I do still keep one today. (that is another reason I have a blog)

I dreamt I would become a writer some day. I haven’t pursued that dream as fervently as I did becoming a mother.
I am a very shy person, it is hard for me to approach people even if I know them. It doesn’t help that I also have a fear of rejection.

I love road trips, ALONE!!! Enough said.

I love genealogy. I have been researching my Dad’s side of the family and discovering things we did not know about his family previously. It’s so exciting, even if what we discover is negative.

1.How long is your longest friendship?
Hmmm, this one is hard to answer because it depends on the depth you are speaking of. I have kept in touch with my former high school best friend, but it’s not the same as it was then, we have been friends for 24 years (about). As for closer friends, I have one friend whom we have been friends for about 16 years. The thing is for me is that if you stick around in my life past a certain point I just claim you as family.
2. Have you ever left the country?
Does Canada count? That’s it for me, I have been to Canada a couple times. I grew up in Michigan, and we took two field trips with school. One was on a geology hunt. The other was with our drama club, we went to Toronto and saw Phantom of the Opera (Amazing!).

3. What hidden talent do you have, but seldom share?
Hidden talent? I sing. That’s my only talent quite frankly. Sadly, I mean that, and I don’t even think I am that good at singing, but I love it and have been on worship teams since I was a teenager. I even lead worship quite a few times. Not in years though.
4. Are you a homebody or extrovert?
Hanging my head in shame, I am a homebody.
5. What is your favorite meal of the day?
Well, I have been drinking Shakeology by Beachbody and that has become my favorite meal. But ordinarily I used to love dinner.
6. How many hours do you sleep each night?
On average, I sleep around 6-7 hours a night if my children let me.
7. Do you have a favorite perfume?
Beautiful by Estee Lauder
8. Who do you most admire?
I most admire those who have spotless houses even though they have children. They amaze me.
9. Why?
It’s an impossible task, so how do they do it? I haven’t figured it out.
10.  What is your favorite book?
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is my favorite book EVER!!!! It speaks of God’s amazing and incredible love for us. He won’t ever let us go. We belong to Him.
11.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
The power to stop time and yet I still move…. So that I can get everything I need to get done while time stands still.


So, there it is…. My Random things. I am not sure if I was required to tag anyone…. I might have to come up with some people to tage if it is a requirement.


12 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. I enjoyed reading all those wonderful facts about you. Thanks for sharing. I read one of River’s books a long time ago and loved it. I think it was The Scarlet Thread? I don’t know. I was a teenager. Obviously a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time ago.

    I also wanted to be a writer. I actually took a correspondence course through the Institute of Children’s Literature back when I only had two kiddos. I passed, but never published anything. Oh well. I suppose one day, I might delve into that again.

    I also have a hidden talent for singing. Love to sing. I wanted to be a professional singer a long time ago. I think motherhood has damaged my vocal chords. I am ashamed to say too much yelling. But, I still sing and hope my kids develop the same love.

    • That’s amazing. Who knew sharing random facts about me would show the similarities in me with others??? I love all Francine Rivers books, and yes, she has an awesome one called The Scarlet Thread. Years back, when I had no kids and a lot of time on my hand, I read literally all day long. 🙂

      • I feel the same way about being a homebody. I am one as well and I also feel as though I am not doing all I should. But, I try. The way I figure, what good is having a home when you’re never there?

      • So true…. We live in a townhouse type of house though and I think my neighbors think we are hermits or shut ins… hahaha….

  2. Wonderful answers-and don’t hang in shame over being a homebody-we’re cool! 😉 Here is one for you-I lived briefly in Pontiac, and went to community college in Auburn Hills! I worked at a BK as a cashier right across from the Silver Dome, and my hubby and I were married in Detroit! We weren’t there a full year, but I loved it there!

  3. You are kidding me!!! My uncle worked at the Silver Dome, and I got to go there several times when I was younger. My Mom grew up near Pontiac and lived there until I was about 6 months old, then my father and her decided to move what we call in Michigan, “Up North” (not the U.P.). My dad loved fishing and he wanted to be able to fish all year round. That’s really cool! 🙂

    As for the homebody thing, I truly hang my head in shame because I feel like sometimes I am doing my kids a disservice by not getting out of the house more. We even have trouble just making it outdoors. LOL.

  4. You know I’m a homebody too. Nothing to be ashamed of! It is funny that you are from MI and so am I, but it sounds like we never lived in the same places. I lived in the Kalamazoo area, the Thumb area, Ann Arbor, and Houghton MI.

  5. I’m a homebody as well, no shame! 🙂 I’ve never been to Michigan, but it looks so beautiful! I’m (hopefully) going this summer to visit some friends that live there. to Petoskey and Leland I believe. I’m excited!!! 😀

    • If you go to Petoskey, you have to make a trip to my hometown of Boyne City, it is just about a half hours drive from there. You have to see Lake Charlevoix and see my cute little town… Seriously…. Are you going alone or with Rob?

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