Five Minute friday…..


This means the art of knowing others and being known by others.

This is what my heart sincerely longs for. Sometimes I am lacking, at least in a present physical form, though not in an online form. Online is simply not the same as having a group in which you belong to that you see on a regular basis.

I lack this in many forms; family, friends, and church.

This word conjures up other words, like rejection, hurting, grieving, support, love, friendship, and intimacy.

In a perfect world, I would find this soon.

This was my five minute friday thoughts on community.


One thought on “Five Minute friday…..

  1. Hi there! It’s tough isn’t it? Finding your niche in the “real” world and building those lasting relationships that you have confidence in. Sometimes I feel like the new kid in school again when I have to start those relationships and deal with those rejection feelings. I’ll pray that you find some community and some people to share life with SOON. We all need it!

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