Why I love homesschooling

Why I love homesschooling

A couple weeks ago, I went to Meijer, and I found these cute little lady bug bug jars. Just like these ones found at New egg.  I thought they were so cute, and I knew my little bug collectors would enjoy them. My kids are constantly asking me for glass jars for their bugs, but I hate the idea of them dragging around glass jars into the court yard and possibly breaking it and then having to worry that one of my neighbors kids might get cut or something. So, I bought these cute little lady bug bug jars. The kids right away set out in the yard to find and investigate some bugs. They immediately began collecting tent worms, which are kind of like caterpillars, and are everywhere outside right now. It was amazing watching them take care of them. The kids found the little worms some leaves to eat, and they cleaned out their jars when they pooped a lot. Then one day, we woke up to find the tent worms had turned into cocoons. So, now we are awaiting their transformation. This has been huge science lessons that they are teaching themselves. They have sought the information out for themselves by finding their books about moths and butterflies and are so excited. The lessons they are teaching themselves are sticking and my kids are truly learning all by themselves. 

Homeschooling has had it’s ups and downs for us. It was a hard adjustment to having my kids home all the time. Yet, I now can’t imagine it any other way. Even the kids have changed their attitudes and have decided that homeschooling isn’t quite so bad. It sure helped the neighbors told them they are so lucky to homeschool, and that they wish they could too. Amazing! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I love homesschooling

    • They are really cute! I wasn’t sure how much use they would get, and I am super impressed that my kids are obsessed with their bug jar. 🙂

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