Week One of Paths of Exploration…..

So, we are wrapping up week one of Paths of Exploration, and I have to say, I am so glad I bought this curriculum. I wish I could say though that it was an easy week, but it wasn’t, can school really be easy anyway? I don’t think so, but what really made this week difficult was that Becca has been fighting a cold of the runny nose and sore throat variety. One day she screamed literally all day long about the yucky in her throat. I could of pulled my hair out, it was before I knew she was fighting something though. I just couldn’t figure out what the yucky was in her throat, and no drinks were fixing it. 😦 Poor girl! Then others began to complain of the sore throat thing and it clicked, oh, yes, yucky must mean a sore throat. That’s the fun part of trying to interpret a three year old language. 🙂 Abigail also has been a bit of a challenge because of a runny nose and it apparently has made her need more attention. 

The older ones struggled a bit with their new curriculum as it put new demands on them. Good demands, but new all the same, and they weren’t as willing to bite as I hoped. We are getting through it, and they are learning brand new things and I cannot wait for more of the journey to unfold. 

Copywork is one of our biggest challenges. I don’t get it, though, because it seems simple enough to me…. you copy what is written by writing it exactly the same. For some reason my kids just do not understand that concept. It doesn’t rattle me though, I just explain it again, and ask them to kindly do it again. There were some tears today though because one of the lines in the poem they were copying kind of split a sentence and they wanted to move that section to the sentence. Every single one of them. I was impressed that they understood that it should according to sentence structure go with the rest, but this is a poem and we write it out as it is written. 🙂 

Christopher Columbus is turning out so far to be pretty exciting. We can’t wait to see what happens next in his journey! 🙂


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