Curriculum Choices for 2012/2013

Well, first, I am having a hard time keeping with my school year begins in August 2012 and ends in June of 2013. I am even already forgetting what grades my kids are in. LOL. I just do not care about grades per say, or about school years in the public school sense. I think it’s all dumb. Why should we stop learning? My kids need all the extra practice and help they need, and besides, if school is fun, why should we stop learning?

So, this is my plan for now and the upcoming year.

Currently, my oldest is 10 and she is considered 4th grade (going into 5th grade), but she is using 2nd grade Horizons Math. When she finishes her Horizons book, she will move onto Math U See Gamma. I hope this change will be revolutionary for her, so we will see how it goes. I have read up on Math U See, but I am not sure how it will be for her.

My second daughter who is 9 and right now is considered 3rd grade (going into 4th), is also using 2nd grade Horizons Math. When she finishes her book, we will move onto Teaching Textbooks 3. I decided the two girls need to use different math because they kept comparing themselves to each other and it was making for some rough interactions.

My son who is 8 and in 2nd grade (going into 3rd) is right now finishing up 1st grade Horizons Math. We were considering him also using Teaching Textbooks 3, but I need to have him take the test for it first.

Our main curriculum is Paths of Exploration by Trailguide for Learning. We have already started using it and I have to say, it is amazing! I cannot say enough about the change in the atmosphere in our school. We have had fun discussing history and I love how it covers every subject except math. The kids are having so much fun and are actually learning!

We are also using All About Spelling. I am confident in this program, though I will be honest, I am still trying to figure out how it works. I will get back to you on this one.

For my 6 year old who is finishing up Kindergarten, we will continue using Hooked on Phonics, but the first grade level. We are currently using Horizons K Math, and we will move onto Horizons 1st grade math after. We also will be using Five in A Row, which we have already been using some.

As for my little learner, she is interested, but not absorbing. I really do not want to push her yet. So for now, she can listen in on Five in a row and then in the fall, I will begin a letter of the week activities with her. We had started some, but like I said, she hasn’t really absorbed much. Plus, we have used the preschool Hoooked on Phonics some and she sits in on the 6 year olds Kindergarten videos as well. I am relaxed as far as early learning and don’t think children should be pushed hard until 1st grade, honestly.

One last thing, we are using the Light for the Trail supplement with Paths of Exploration. I like it very much, and so far it has been really good scriptures for memorization. We also are reading the Egermeier’s Bible Story Book, and working our way through a bible study book called, What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers. I think it all works together well. 🙂 You can never have too much bible. 🙂

So, this is our current curriculum round up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Curriculum Choices for 2012/2013

  1. It sounds like you are ready. I hope it all goes well for you. I should be posting something once we get moved.

    • Mostly. I have a few more things to pick up, but we are almost prepared for next year. Though I don’t really look at it as next year, more like, what we will do after we finish what we are doing now. 🙂

  2. It is hard, I think, to break out of that public school thinking of grade levels. But isn’t it great in homeschooling that we get to do what’s appropriate and best for our kids no matter their age or ability? I love that!
    My 1st visit to your blog; popped over from another blog I read. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! I read your blog often! Thanks for coming by! I am really just getting started even though I have been blogging for years. It’s hard for me to be consistent. Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

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