Facebook and mindless staring at the computer….

I keep talking about living a more focused life and then I find myself doing things that are not focused. For instance, spending hours staring at facebook, looking at photos, looking at people I don’t even know. What am I doing? Completely checking out, that’s what. Things have to change. I feel it in my heart that I am WASTING my time, and my time is precious. I have 5 beautiful children who need to be taught (not just school lessons), to be loved, to be listened to. I have a husband who desires love, attention, and good meals (wink, wink). My animals need attention. Let’s be real, my house needs me to clean it. There is only one me. And just because I check out, my jobs do not go away. My relationships here in this house do not go away. Life continues, and then I have more work to do. I have really had a reality check in the last couple days. I realize how precious this life is and how much more I need to focus on what is important. This blog is important to me. I really want to see it thrive more. It’s possible, isn’t it? My Beachbody business is important to me, and I need to invest some time into it. Homeschooling my kids needs my time and investment. And now I am also applying to take some college classes. I am excited about that, and nervous. Can I do everything AND take college classes? I think it will help me be more focused. I guess we’ll see. I have a lot of work to do before I can start. Hopefully in the fall.

Do you need more focus in your life?


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