Enjoying life…..

I struggle with enjoying life. It seems life has a way of throwing things in my direction that cause me to want to murmur and complain, and a lot of times, I have been known to sit and cry. I want to be happy, and I want to enjoy life.

People say, you have to choose to be happy. For so long, I just didn’t get that. But lately, I have been praying that prayer from AA… God, grant me the serenity to to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I think it is making a huge impact on my heart. For once, I am accepting that there are things that I cannot change. And you know what? Those things are NOT huge, crazy, deal breaker things. They are dumb piddly things, so why did I spend so much time focusing on them? There are things I can change, and I am working on them, they will change, because I am determined. (i.e. weightloss, being more active, living life)

I can choose to be miserable with my husband’s career choice, or I can accept it, love it, and embrace it. I am choosing to embrace it. Even with all it’s crazy hard times. Being the wife of an officer in the Air Force can be a rough life. I choose to love it, and to embrace it. I am jumping into this life, feet first. Now, I have to make my kids choose to love it too. They have their moments of hating it too.

There are so many seasons in life. This is my season of being home with my children, to raise them, train them in the Word, and to give them a childhood of memories and love. There is no use looking at the things it limits us from. Only look at what it gives us, what we can do. There is beauty there. There is peace there. There is God in the midst of this crazy hectic life.

I am choosing to seek God in the middle of everything…. choosing to see Him working it all out.


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