Studying Jamestown….. and I love homeschooling…

So, I love history. I love learning about the people and the places and what happened. Truly.

But. Jamestown. It was a horrible place! They went through so much bad stuff.

We were reading Surviving Jamestown yesterday, and Audrey screams out, crying, “Stop! Mom! I can’t take anymore!”

That’s just how into it my daughter was, and how compassionate she is. Amazing! See, that’s what I get to see in my children while homeschooling. With it’s challenges, there is such great reward. The reward is not in torturing my children, but in seeing them as they really are. Hearing their opinions. Sharing in their failures, and celebrating their triumphs!

I was so scared when I made the decision to homeschool. I wasn’t even sure I was capable, but I felt a tug on my heart. I saw my children struggling at school, and I knew something had to be done. There had to be something better for my kids. My choices were limited. I chose to lay aside my plans for me, and to pick up God’s plans for my kids.

It. Is. So. Worth. It.

Even on the hard days. You see, the hard days teach me about myself. I get to see all the good, the bad, and ugly in ME! I get opportunities to fix me.

I really love Trailguide for Learning, Paths of Exploration! I also crazy love homeschooling!


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