Filling your child’s love tank…..

I didn’t realize until very recently that I had been failing at filling my children’s love tanks. Apparently, I have been taking the fact that I am home with them all day for granted, and have been not meeting their hearts need for significance and love.

I know this because bed time has been worse and worse. They cry because they want me with them. At first, I thought their behavior was ridiculous. Day after day though you begin to question why they are acting out this way. So, I am being more purposeful in my love giving to my children.

Tonight, we all sat around the dinner table and told each one something special about them. A lot of it was “I like the way you play video games with me.”, but it was a start. I am determined to turn this big ship around until we get to on the path that God intended for us all along.

How about you? How are you doing filling your children’s love tanks? How are you purposeful in ministering to the hearts of your children?


2 thoughts on “Filling your child’s love tank…..

  1. I’m trying to spend more face to face time with them. Between working, school, and ministry, I also did not realize I was neglecting face to face time with the kids. This weekend, we’ve spent a lot of face to face time together, and I can already see how they are responding.

    I’ve also been considering starting a journal for each one of my kids to give to them at Christmas time. I want to write a journal note on what I think about them. Like when I think they are funny, or witty, but I don’t get the chance to tell them. I think it would show them that even when I’m busy, I’m always thinking about them.

    Great post, Anna! Thank you for sharing:)

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