Reflections on motherhood…..

As I lay my children to bed at night, it gives me a moment to reflect on motherhood. I ask myself, “How can I do this better?” That’s a hard question to ask yourself, especially after a long day of ups and downs with your children. As a mother, I realize how important my job is. I am teaching and training my children for life as an adult. Every day is a lesson in how to function in this family and society as a whole. 

I look into my children’s faces while they sleep and realize that they are so full of innocence and trust. They are still children. They still need my guiding, loving hands. They still need my gentle, quiet voice. Sometimes they need correction, sometimes they need encouragement. Lord, give me the ability to discern the difference. 

Lord, open my eyes to each situation, and help me apply Your love to my children’s hearts. 

That’s my prayer today. 


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