Sunday Dinners

My immediate family is not as close as others families are. I won’t get into all the details out of respect for my family, but, though my siblings and I have the same initial foundation for our lives, our life experiences and personalities have taken us to different places. 

I cannot say this is okay with me, actually, I quite miss that connection that you can only get from the people who were raised in the same home with you. I mean, truthfully, who can you complain about your mom and dad to except your siblings? Funny, but true. 

My mom and I have discussed this very thing though. Why is it that other families stay so close knit, and ours didn’t stay together at all? 

My mom and I have decided it must be “Sunday dinners”. Actually, my mom calls it “chicken dinner”, but I am going to call it “Sunday dinners”. She talks about a family that she knew where the mom who always made her kids come home for “chicken dinner” on Sundays. No matter what they were doing the rest of the week, they had to go home on Sundays. When they were teens, they may have complained about this obligation, but as adults they look forward to these dinners. Is that really the glue to a family? 

I am convinced that family dinners together DO indeed make a family stick like glue. Our society has gotten so far out of whack. Parents no longer connect with their children because their children have their face so far into their technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.). So, I plead with you, commit to one day a week and have a family dinner together as a family. Invite the grandparents, if they live close to you. Force your teens to get their faces out of their technology and to engage with their families. 

Friends come and go…. but family is forever….. 

For now, we do family dinner every single night. But I will carry the tradition forever, I think. Family is the most valuable asset we have. No one loves you quite like your family, even if they are all crazy. 🙂 SMILE! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday Dinners

  1. I agree whole-heartedly that family meals are important. We have breakfast as a family every morning as well as supper in the evenings. (Whatever family is around.) There are some days work calls hubby or the kids go to Youth. Lunch used to be the same way, but some kids just aren’t hungry and it didn’t make sense to force them to eat.

    I like your last sentence. It reminds me of the saying, “Family is like fudge, mostly chocolate with a few nuts.”

    • Rachel, that’s pretty funny! 🙂

      We eat dinner as a family every night. The kids eat together during the day, if I wasn’t running around so much, I might sit with them. 🙂

      I don’t think most families eat together. We did until my older siblings were teens and then we all went our separate ways. 😦

      • We always had dinner together as kids. It is important to teach kids that sharing a meal together is normal…then when they are older, it’s normal for their families.

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