Warrior Mom

I titled this post, “Warrior Mom”, and as I write that word Warrior, I hear the Lion of Judah roaring….. as Moms, we must WAR for our children and their future. We must WAR to conquer those areas in our lives that we fail at.

I have many areas that I fail at!

I can tell the devil hates me for what I am battling for, my children. He will do whatever he can to crush them and keep them from doing what they are called to do.  

But…. for them…. I must continue this fight between what God has called me to be, and these stinking character flaws I possess. 

Let’s not forget, though, the power of our prayers for our children. I admit, I haven’t always been a good prayer warrior. I was a long time ago, but then I had children, and somehow my days seemed endless and not enough time to devote to prayer. It has been a constant learning process of how to be a prayer warrior and be a mom. But moms, our most powerful weapon against the enemy for our children is prayer. Even the little prayers. 

This is not written as condemnation… but encouragement! I encourage you to be all God has made you to be. Keep going! Don’t give up! Don’t grow weary! God gives much grace! 



6 thoughts on “Warrior Mom

  1. Hello! We have a lot in common! I happened upon your blog because I googled Paths of Exploration. We also homeschool, I have 4 kids, a military officer’s wife , live in Ohio, and share the same ” house not clean ” overwhelming tendencies! Lol… I will enjoy reading your blog!

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