Blogging and being real…..

I love blogging. I love sitting here telling you all what I think, feel, and what’s going on inside of me. But…. blogging has been a journey into who I really am and how much do I expose with the whole world??  One thing that challenged me was that others seem to have it all […]

Absent… or MIA

Here I am! In mid December, I hit a wall in life. I was burned out. Busted. I couldn’t get it together. I kept trying. It was awful. I was fighting my spiral down with everything in me, but I just couldn’t figure out a way out of it.  So… I quit. Yep, I quit […]

Warrior Mom

I titled this post, “Warrior Mom”, and as I write that word Warrior, I hear the Lion of Judah roaring….. as Moms, we must WAR for our children and their future. We must WAR to conquer those areas in our lives that we fail at. I have many areas that I fail at! I can […]


I am thankful…. for a husband who loves me through thick and thin, who is my best friend in the universe, and who I can always count on to be in my corner. for my children, who I was told I wouldn’t be able to have, and now every day I get to spend raising […]

Sunday Dinners

My immediate family is not as close as others families are. I won’t get into all the details out of respect for my family, but, though my siblings and I have the same initial foundation for our lives, our life experiences and personalities have taken us to different places.  I cannot say this is okay […]

Reflections on motherhood…..

As I lay my children to bed at night, it gives me a moment to reflect on motherhood. I ask myself, “How can I do this better?” That’s a hard question to ask yourself, especially after a long day of ups and downs with your children. As a mother, I realize how important my job […]

Filling your child’s love tank…..

I didn’t realize until very recently that I had been failing at filling my children’s love tanks. Apparently, I have been taking the fact that I am home with them all day for granted, and have been not meeting their hearts need for significance and love. I know this because bed time has been worse […]

Wrapping up Jamestown…..

I am *NOT* complaining about our curriculum, but rather about this time in history…. But Jamestown was seriously painful to go through. I understand the value in learning about it, but it was rough, nonetheless. I am thankful for how far our beautiful country has come since that time in our history. It’s hard to […]